A whole new world of cool!
Join the Earth Facts for Earthlings (EFFE) Team on an exciting journey of discovery, from the depths of the oceans to our tallest mountains and beyond—into space with astronauts, satellites and more.

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The Basic Concept: A series of short, fun and memorable collections of Earth-related facts, designed to inspire even reluctant learners to take a fresh look at our world.

Our Approach: Short, engaging text that includes a mix of better-known and less well-known facts.  Full-color illustrations on every page.   Primarily single-page easy-to-read and fun topical treatments.   A format that allows readers to “dive in” anywhere or start at the beginning of the book and read straight through.  Specifically designed to facilitate learning.  Written for a wide audience, including children and adults.  Younger learners (below approximately age 8) may need help with the text.

The Result:  The Earth Facts for Earthlings book series and a learning experience you’ll want to share.

We’ve done our homework, so you can spend less time on yours.  Whether you’re still in school, working or retired, there’s only so much time in a day, and learning about the world is a lifelong journey.   click here to continue

One more reason to appreciate the child in your life:  If you’re a teacher, parent, grandparent or other relative of a young reader, you can join him or her on the Earth Facts for Earthlings journey of discovery, and no one will ask . . . click here to continue

What we did with the boring parts:   First, here’s a question.  What do you do with them?  click here to continue


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